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Monday, January 19, 2009


When I was 7,my cousin who is my neighbour is my competition to everything,grades,mud cakes.jackstones,games,friends,and drawings.One day she show me a drawing that she trace on a comic magazine.On it was a very beautiful cartoon of Wonderwoman.Since then I never stop sketching,I draw in every paper I can find as long as theres still space for it.I told my self I need to draw better than this,then better than this,then better than this.It was only when AM winning on competitions and we are both seniors in high school that she told me she just traces it.Until now Iam still trying to be better everyday.

As I turn into another year,another age,another journey,I decided to make my paintings be known and have its credits.Ive been painting since I remember and for years Ive donated more than a 100 pieces to a charitable foundation base in Belgium.
So everyday I will be painting one piece and this will be publish here..
Join me on my everyday discoveries,moods,passion,life and activities in this life that will reflects tru my paintings..

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